Who do you do for YOU??

Uh, I'm not exactly the best person to ask, but make of list of five things you do JUST for yourself...

For me:
1. Nails
2. Massage (got first one today in two years and it rocked - what have I been waiting for?)
3. Read on my beloved Kindle
4. Buy wine (never know when you'll want a glass while sitting by the fire)
5. Brazilian Blowout (I'm sold, my hair is stick straight and I LOVE it!)

How about you?

Here's a funny massage video - enjoy!


  1. Are you a southpaw or are you just using a metaphor? I literally write with my right brain (except when I type then I use both sides)and work with my left brain. Who am I?

  2. Oh, that's hysterical. ROFL. I love Mani/Pedi's and facials. Although, three kids later I think it's been four years since I had a facial. :(


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