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Reading some non-fiction

So, I'm usually a die-hard fiction reader, but I've read a bunch of non-fiction lately which is odd for me. The stand out book was "Publish This Book" by Stephen Markley. I guess if you are going to begin your career with a memoir, this is the way to go and let me tell you why:

1. It starts with haha college humor and a kid trying to find his way after college living in Chicago.
2. He delves into some real life stuff happening to him as he is writing the book and querying agents.
3. The book deepens and makes you fall in love with "his character". I found myself rooting for his relationship, friendships, and getting this book published (even thought I'm holding concrete evidence in my hands of a happy ending).
4. He delves into the WHY of writing and the book moves deeper and deeper inwards the farther into the book you get.

By the end, I'm ready to drive to Chicago to a book signing of his in a bar (my husband said no) and read any fiction he write…

New Short Story Published

Check out my latest short story published at Every Day Fiction -

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This was a pleasant surprise to wake up to an email with my story - I'm on week three of this stupid broken foot and I'm going a little stir crazy...

Okay - a lot stir crazy -

I honestly miss work and talking to all my patients and coworkers at the pharmacy...

You all have a great day...walking :)

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