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@OkatieO does it AGAIN with her new book CRAZY ABOUT YOU

Ah, another fun romance to heat up those cold, winter nights that are almost upon us...

Here is my review of 
by the incredible Katie O'Sullivan:

 (PS - this book is only 
99 cents - GRAB IT TODAY!!!)

Katie O'Sullivan does it again with another solid romance with enough action, twists, and turns to keep the pages turning! I love how she weaves the landscape of Cape Cod into her stories so much so that they are often like a character. Chase and Emma were one steamy duo that the reader can't help but root for! I loved the mob action and the murder mystery intertwined in this romance - download it today, grab a hot drink, cuddle up and let Katie take you to Cape Cod in the summer no matter where you live!

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Climate scientist Chase Anderson races from one project to the next, unwilling to slow down in his quest to save the world’s oceans. He has no time for family or relationships until he crashes into an impetuous blonde with a quirky sense…