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Free Query Critique

Hello all!

As I continue to gear up for the A to Z Challenge, I'd like to give you an amazing opportunity to have you query letter placed on my blog and critiqued by the infamous "Kimmy" of Query Tracker fame. If you are on query tracker and/or have ever visited their forum, you know she is a pro. She writes YA, but can do amazing wonders with any query.

I got my first requests for partials and fulls after Kimmy's help. So if you'd like your query spit polished by someone amazing, email me at and I'll get it to Kimmy. If I get enough takers, we will do query critique on every Tuesday for the month of April.

C'mon - what do you have to lose?

Gearing Up for April!

Wow - I'm really getting excited to gear up for this blog challenge in April - blogging every day except Sundays. Here's my tentative schedule:

Mondays: interviews
Tuesdays: pharmacy news and tidbits
Wednesday: my thoughts for the week - you'll get to know my personality, quirks and all
Thursday: Drug of the week - I'll pick a drug and go over how it works/side effects/drug interactions
Friday: I'll update you on my week in writing
Saturdays: funny video (likely a lot of SNL, haha)

Whew - I can do it!!

Interview with Joe Fraser:WisRWA Fab 5 Coordinator

1. Today I'm interviewing Joe Fraser. Joe is the coordinator of the annual Fab 5 contest for the Wisconsin Romance Writer's of America. Tell us a little more about the contest.

The FabFive contest provides detailed critiques to emerging writers and an opportunity for the best of them to have their work reviewed by industry professionals. Our contest is open to unpublished Romance writers. We evaluate the opening 2,500 words of each contestant’s novel in process. A contestant can enter more than one project and choose among seven categories: Historical, Paranormal, Romantic Suspense, Series Contemporary (long and short), Single Title, Women’s Fiction, and Young Adult.

Each entry is scored in the opening round by three trained judges. The top five entries then go to an industry professional (either a literary agent or an acquisition editor of a major publishing house) to determine the winner and final rankings. These professionals often request either partial or full manuscrip…

Brian Regan makes me laugh :)

OMG - this guy kills me. I have an eye appointment coming up and had to watch this again - for anyone with bad vision - enjoy!!