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Best Revisng Tip EVER - (you're welcome)

Okay - I HATE revising - writing is the fun part to me. But here's a tip that is saving my ever-lovin' mind.

Step 1: Get a Kindle (if you don't have one, cave...they rock!)
Step 2: Mail your manuscript to your Kindle from Word (they convert the file and deliver it to your Kindle)
Step 3: READ your book on your Kindle. I have spotted MORE errors than I could have thought possible by reading the book, like it's REALLY A BOOK! Plus, you can totally see if paragraphs are way too long, if text/description/dialogue doesn't flow right - and I promise, you'll see errors you've missed in every proofreading attempt previously...

give it a try and let me know if it helps you as much as it's helped!

Have a great weekend - keep writing!

For my new writer friend, Ciara Knight...enjoy :)

Watch this: Best Sam Winchester Scene Ever...

Enjoy Ms. Knight - this is for you - when I should be revising my manuscript!!  (But I couldn't help watching this again a few times, myself...)

Have a great day, everyone...

I just went to a writer's workshop at my lovely local Library in the booming metropolis of Lake Mills, Wisconsin. I was graced by the gift of having two incredible authors break down writing and publishing...

They seem a bit like an odd couple - she is a sexy Romantic Suspense author of Harlequin and he is a Mystery/Horror guy. They jive well and I learned a ton! In case you missed it, here are the top 10 things I learned at the conference...

First - on writing:

1. Start your story in the middle of action - no exceptions, no excuses. Back story should always be worked in later. If you can't make a reader buy your book in three sentences, they won't buy it.

2. When you ask someone for a critique, they should focus on hook, conflict, character, setting/mood, pace/style, resolution, spelling/grammar, and enjoyment.

3. Characters must be unique, have concrete goals, flaws, quirks, great support characters that help AND hinder the main character and there must be an enemy or protag…