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We're Baaacck!!

So people, here is the deal on Romance Flash... As you may know, we were going to partner with Splickety Magazine and do a venture called Splickety Love for print.

As it turns out, we have decided against going that route and Rachel Green and I are going to keep Romance Flash and jazz it up ourselves.

Here is what is happening:

1. First off, PLEASE check out this month's story called "Soulmates" written by yours truly :) Leave me a comment and/or rate the story - it will give you quite an insight into my love story with my composer husband.

2. We are REOPENING for submissions on November 1st - we have been closed for way too long!

3. Rachel and I are going to switch it up from free monthly flash to self-publishing 4 stories quarterly (still essentially one/month) and selling the stories on Amazon for 99cents for each issue. We will be happy to get our readership started with our loyal fan base - YOU!

4. Please consider grabbing our button (third down on the right)…

Airline Damages Classical Guitar!


Please check out today. My hubby, as you might know is a classical guitarist and his good friend had his guitar broken by an airline.

Please drop by the above link or our other blog and sign the petition from classical guitarist Rene Izquierdo to make the airline aware of the reality of what this means to him - thanks in advance for your support!


Interview with Victoria Danann author of Gathering Storm!


Spotlight for Demon Chained by Erica Hayes and Win $30!!!


Spotlight Vist from Tracy March for Tempted in the Tropics! And WIN A CHARM BRACELET!