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Review of READING BETWEEN THE LIVES by Ashantay Peters #timetravel #romance #5starread

Supernatural skeptic Gabriella Jung sees a psychic for answers to romance questions. Can't hurt, right? She scoffs at the prediction that she faces parallel lives and alternate dimensions. Hours later, she's having visions, and not from too much wine.

Adrian Comstock can't explain his instant attraction to Gabby. Although she's off limits, she haunts his dreams. But when the dreams change from seductive to realistic depictions of tense showdowns in the 1860s, Adrian is baffled, yet still unable to stay away.

Gabby's reality unravels as the flood of visions increases. Can computer geek Adrian help her navigate time, space, and the 1860s? Or will they remain forever trapped in a time loop?

Well, I'm super excited to give an enthusiastic 
to Ashantay Peter's time travel romance!  Here's my review...
Check your Karma at the door!

Hold up - this book was a lot of fun! I love my share of romances, but this was one I couldn't put …