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Review of Angel Dreams by Jody Kessler and GET-TO-KNOW-YOU

Hello all!

I finished reading Angel Dreams on vacation last week...absolutely is my review:

I jumped right into this book without having read book one (which I'm DEFINITELY going to do) - I spent a week on my first vacation of the summer being swept away with Nathaniel and Jules. They were both incredibly well-written and strong characters with so many obstacles in their way, it's a small miracle every time they are together! The first 1-2 chapters were an ethereal world of love and then BAM - the author hits you with a dramatic scene that kept me picking up this book every day until the end. I will read more from this author!

Now let's get to know Jody:

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I'm super crazy excited to announce the launch of my new middle grade adventure...
When my boys (10 and 12) said, "There's nothing good to read!" I asked what they wanted to read. We have an adorable pet rat:

Hi Poe!

But we wanted monsters!
So we have him wings, made him a mutant AND a zombie and came up with...


The digital version is available for pre-order now so your kiddies have something fab to read this summer, and the print is available NOW:

The book was illustrated by the INCREDIBLE Elayne Griffith! And right now, I'm running the book's first giveaway on Goodreads...please help spread the word!

Goodreads Book Giveaway Flying Mutant Zombie Rats by Kat de Falla Giveaway ends May 31, 2015.
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