Gearing Up for April!

Wow - I'm really getting excited to gear up for this blog challenge in April - blogging every day except Sundays. Here's my tentative schedule:

Mondays: interviews
Tuesdays: pharmacy news and tidbits
Wednesday: my thoughts for the week - you'll get to know my personality, quirks and all
Thursday: Drug of the week - I'll pick a drug and go over how it works/side effects/drug interactions
Friday: I'll update you on my week in writing
Saturdays: funny video (likely a lot of SNL, haha)

Whew - I can do it!!


  1. Hi Kathee, pleased to meet you. It sounds like you're organised for April. Nearly here now.


  2. Of course you can do it. You'll have a blast!


  3. Thanks Mary - I've got a few great interviews set up for the Monday's - I'm getting excited!


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