M is for Mayhem

This has been a crazy week. I'm still working a ton and becoming slightly obsessed with Skype. My husband says I'm easily distracted by anything shiny - and Skype is shiny right now!

The week in writing went okay - I wish I had more time! I'm working on two partial requests for an agent (yippie) that I hope to have done next week. Tomorrow is the monthly WisRWA meeting in Milwaukee which I always enjoy (see you there Rachel).

I'd also love it if you guys could lend some support to my friend Love Tucker, whose first flash fiction piece is up on my website Romance Flash today. If you leave a constructive comment on the story, you'll be entered in a chance to win a $5 gift certificate from Amazon (that's like 5 99cent ebooks!)

Thanks all and I'll have a funny video for tomorrow - promise :)


  1. You've gotten farther in the writing this week than I have. All of my writing is going into my posts and comments on the 30 blogs or so I'm visiting every day. Hopefully next week will be easier for me.

  2. Please be careful with Skype if you are using it for Android. I read something the other day that someone posted on a social networking website, saying that Skype for Android is compromised.

    So, if you use Skype in this method, please check their website or contact the company or something to find out if they have made any headway on this issue.

    The Madlab Post


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