P is for Pain

Sometimes you wonder why we blog...here's why:


Sure I had other things planned to say today, but that can wait - send Jessica your love and prayers - she needs us.

Thanks to Sharlene T for sharing this on her own site...


  1. Wow, that's something!

  2. I tried and it said that my comment was published but when I refreshed the page, nothing showed up, so maybe the military or the law officials have a hold of her blog or something.

    I wish her well and since the last comment was April 12th, I hope that she is seeing better days this week.

    The Madlab Post

  3. Thanks for checking it out Laura and Nicole - puts your own life in perspective of how great it really is, I guess...

  4. Thanks for sharing that. I left a message on her blog. I hope she's been reading all those messages left for her.
    Great meeting you through the A-Z.

  5. Thanks for checking it out and leaving her a comment nutschell - pleasure to meet you too - I'm heading to your site right now for a visit...


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