A year in the life...

So...well...I guess OVER a year has passed since I last blogged, but I'm baaaaaaack!

A lot has happened. Let's sum up...
1. I got divorced.
2. I met my soulmate.
3. We became the Brady Bunch.
4. I'm getting MARRIED!

The picture above was taken at a hike with my soulmate at Devil's Lake outside of Madison. I took a hiatus for last Fall to be depressed by love, this Winter to find Love, and Spring and Summer to ENJOY and NOURISH this love.

Now it is time to get back to a rhythm of writing and living this amazing new life! So, with two books getting edited, a joint book with Rachel Green getting finished, a children's book started, and another concept rolling around in my head - I AM BUSY IN LIFE AND LOVE!!!

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