How to Save Money at the Pharmacy: Our Best Kept Secrets!

Our Top Ten Best-Kept Secrets on how to Save $$ on Your Prescription Drugs:

1. Ask for a generic (pharmacists can by law substitute generic drugs, but it never hurts to ask.)
2. Ask if your medicine comes in a higher strength and can be cut to save costs.
3. Ask for a medicine that is preferred by your insurance as opposed to non-preferred.
4. Ask your pharmacist to review your patient profile and look for cost saving alternatives (we are HERE to do that for you!)
5. If you have an expensive co-pay on a medication that works well for you, look it up online! (Generally, if you look up, the manufacturer will offer coupons or programs to help you save money.)
6. Ask if your pharmacy will match the Walmart $4 generic program. (Most pharmacies will match the Walmart price without you having to switch over your prescriptions to Walmart.)
7. Ask for only a weeks supply of a new medication if you are paying a percentage of the costs. (Once a drug leaves the pharmacy, it cannot usually be returned. So, if you are starting a new med, ask for a reduced quantity to make sure you like how it works for you.)
8. Ask the pharmacist if any of your meds can be combined into one to eliminate one of your co-pays. (Often works best for blood-pressure medicine.)
9. Ask the pharmacist for coupons! (Drug reps often drop off coupons for medicine that we save for people with high prescription costs.)
10. If all else fails, just ASK YOUR PHARMACIST to help. That's what we do :)


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