Iowa Theatre: Romeo and Juliet opens June 18

Iowa Theatre: Romeo and Juliet opens June 18


  1. So, I'm going to see Romeo and Juliet this Friday night in Iowa (yeah, I said it...IOWA) and wanted to touch on falling in love (ie - Romeo and Juliet) - Romeo is "in love" with love, but how do we fall in love? What makes a great hero?

    Falling in love happens when someone lets you inside their head and you find something there you can't live without...

    For example, I'm reading Publish This Book (almost done) and I'm falling "in love" with the author because by reading the words he typed, I feel like I'm in his head and I'm laughing and crying with him.

    When you see an actor portray Romeo, you see his interpretation of one of the greatest lovers of all time.

    Fall in love with the person you are with by watching them practice their art...from afar...whether it be their bedside manner with patients, their acting chops on stage, their own written word, or even the quiet strength they use to protect you and/or your family.

  2. So, I'm going to Iowa to see Romeo and Juliet this weekend and I was thinking about falling in love...

    We fall in love when someone lets us in their head, when we watch them practicing their art or observe them unobtrusively. A hero is a hero because we revel in their thoughts or actions.

    When we read a novel, we spend valuable quality time with that author, in their head with their thoughts/ideas. We slow our life to reflect on their words.

    We lose ourselves watching actors on screen/stage because they are letting us in not just to the character they portray, but to the inner sanctum of who they are.

    Slow your pace and fall in love again. Watch someone's bedside manner, their command in a meeting, the words they write on a page, the character they portray on stage. Quiet your judgements and allow all that is rich and beautiful about another person to fill you up while you languish in the quiet beauty that is falling in love...


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