D is for Drugs

Do you want to know a few things pharmacists are surprised the general public doesn't know?

1. Unisom is really just Tylenol and Benadryl - buy them separately - it's cheaper!
2. Yes "new mother", you can give your child ibuprofen or acetaminophen with the antibiotic I dispensed two hours ago.
3. There is a pill (my pharmacy sells Floragen)wherein one capsule contains the good bacteria from 10 cups of yogurt. It works magic.
4. No there are no oral antibiotics available over the counter for your sinus or ear infection - you must go to an actual doctor!
5. No, you cannot spread your vaginal jelly on toast.
6. Yes, that is a drug tablet in your poop and No, your body didn't forget about it. The drug was released by a tiny hole in the capsule.
7. Yes, it really takes fifteen minutes to get your prescription ready even though we only have to "slap a label on it." We are not McDonalds, we are making sure you don't die or overdose or get the wrong drug. We like you!


Disclaimer: These posts are for writing purposes ONLY and are NOT intended for medical treatment or advice.


  1. OMG, #5. Really? I mean, really do people ask that question?

    Great post! I loved it!

  2. You totally had me giggle-snorting thru that whole list. I can't believe anyone would ask #5 or #6 for that matter. And #7 was hysterical.

    ~Mara (A-Z challenger #586)

  3. Oh Lydia, you can't imagine what people ask us!

    Mara - glad you enjoyed the post - snort away! My list for next Tues is even better! Can't wait to see your query so Kimmy can work her magic :)

  4. ok, that entire post just made me belly laugh for 10 minutes straight! Wonderful blog...just hopping by with the A to Z challenge. I'll be back for sure!


  5. thanks for the visit, Lisa- on my way to your and blog and happy to give you a chuckle!


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