G is for Goals

Yikes, I'm typing this from my phone as I sit in the airport so it will be short. My goal is to be a published author. Today i attended the writer' conference in madison and pitched to an agent. I helped a struggling lad practice his pitch and I'll tell you the top 5 things NOT to do during an agent pitch:

1. Say "Your eyes glazed over and now i can't remember what I was going to say next."
2. Say "I have lot of ideas but nothing is really done".
3. Stop talking altogether and give me a blank stare.
4. Do not delve into subplots about quantum physics, protons, electrons, and gamma rays.
5. Say "I used to be an actor in LA so i know how to pitch but now I install Dish Network."

I wonder how the guy's pitch went...


  1. Poor guy. Maybe after practicing with you he did better with the agent.

  2. Angela,

    I can only hope I steered him in the right direction :)

  3. Hope he did well, but we'll never know, will we. Nice to "meet" you.

  4. Oh my, that's scary! I hope your pitch went far better than his. I'll be attending a writer's conference here in Colorado at the end of the month, but didn't sign up for a pitch appointment. If I'd known for sure I'd be ready I would have. I'd say next year, but hopefully it will be too late then!

    Good luck on your journey to publication and with the A to Z Challenge.


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