A is for AIM

Helloooooooooo A to Z bloggers!! See what I was up to this morning? Heck yeah, - now that's the way to spend a rainy Friday morning. I shot a 357 and a 44 magnum as well as a .32 and .22 semiauto. I was stoked to finally shoot a gun my great-uncle pulled off the enemy in WWII - see above - isn't it sweet?

So, on Friday's I'll usually post about all the wonderful writing I got done this week, but honestly, this week sucked. My friend and coworker had their two year old son diagnosed with stage 3 hepatoblastoma. This is my first day off.

I'm praying like mad for this little guy and hope to get more writing done next week. Love to all!



  1. Very grim news about your friend's little guy. Sending prayers.

    Meanwhile - how cool is it to aim a WWII spoils-of-war gun and then shoot?

  2. Thanks Julia - it is very sad.

    And yes it was super cool to shoot that gun :) Thanks for visiting!

  3. Sorry to hear about your friends little guy. Good luck with the challenge. See you at B :)


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