J is for Junkie

Well, everyone seemed to enjoy last Tuesday's post about pharmacy, so here's one more...

What we really want to say to "Junkies":

1. Really? Really? You're allergic to codeine and hydrocodone and the ONLY drug that works is brand name Oxycontin??
2. Is is necessary to stare at me continuously from the other side of the counter from the moment you drop off your Rx to the moment I put the good in your hands? Go shop around - I promise I'll page you when it's done.
3. You only need 3 tablets of Suboxone and you'll pay cash? Why, 'cause Friday it's game-on again?
4. No I don't believe you "dropped your pills in the toilet" "are leaving the country" or "we shorted you" - and NO I won't fill your pills early if you pay cash.
5. Really? You have no insurance, an out of town doctor and home address and have a stack of hundreds in your pocket, Mr. "I really have Medical Assistance and picked this up for a zero copay at another pharmacy three days ago" - yes ding dong - we check!
6. No, bringing your cute kids (or someone elses) along with you to pick up your Rx doesn't make you appear more likable.
7. And lastly - If you were just in a roll-over car crash and/or are having muscle spasms but don't need the ibuprofen the ER prescribed (JUST THE VICODIN) - why are you walking like pain in the last thing on your mind as you strut up to the pick-up window?

Happy Tuesday A to Z bloggers!

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