L is for Lipitor

Sorry to be posting so late in the day, but I'm excited to announce my two upcoming Monday interviews! On April 18th, I'll have Darin Kennedy, a sci-writer with multiple short stories published on my blog. You can find him on Twitter by my hashtag #themightydarinkennedy

Then on April 25th, I got my prized interview with model Jason Baca - hold on ladies - you'll like the photos!

So today I'll relate a few pharmacy tips on Liptor, which is a statin medication used to control high cholesterol.

1. Take Lipitor at bedtime because your body makes cholesterol while you sleep.
2. Report any muscle pain, weakness, or tenderness to your doctor. It can be a sign of a serious medical condition called rhabodomyolysis.
3. Keep your appointments for your lab work - the doctor is not only testing your cholesterol levels, but also checking your liver function tests. If there are any abnormalities, you might need to be removed from Lipitor or your statin.

Have a great Thursday!!!

**Disclaimer: These posts are for writing purposes ONLY and are NOT intended for medical treatment or advice**


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