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Today we are interviewing the model Jason Baca who has posed for the covers of many romance novels and is offering quite a deal for budding authors today!

1. Jason, if you weren't a model, what is your dream career?

Well actually, this is and was my dream to begin with. So if I wasn't this kind of model, then I'd be that kind of model. I remember watching a Calvin Klein jeans commercial on tv late one night and seeing the guy act a certain confident way and I would say that it was from that very moment that it was in my heart,in my eye and in my mind that I wanted nothing more, then to be that model.

2. Since being a model, do you find it easier or harder to get along with people, because in the back of your mind, you're wondering what they are really after?

There is a little of both. Some are standoffish toward me when they realize what I do but I spend maybe 5 or 10 minutes with them, talking to them and after that, they've completely changed their views about a model. I consider myself a very down to earth kinda guy. I don't have anything to prove to anyone out there.

3. What stereotype about models is completely wrong and you'd like to correct?

That all of us are perfect and friendly. I've run into a few that have rotten attitudes and think they are something but then when you take a close look at them its a different story. Or another is that all models have great bodies and are naturally like that. No, this is false! I have learned that in order to stay fit and youthful looking that I must live in a balanced diet. I must not let up on my rigorous workouts either. I know that if I'm working out hard, the next model may be working out twice as hard. I just have to keep coming back leaner. You can always look better, be thinner.

4. How long do you plan to stay in the industry and what are your long term goals/plans?

I plan to stay in the industry until I'm satisfied. I don't have a countdown time. It seems that lately my photo shoots keep turning out Better not Worse.

5. Tell us more about how you came into modeling and the book you wrote about it.

Well I was discovered by the photographer for the movie "I know what you did last summer" back in 1997. I was a double for one of the main actors in it. It turning out to be the break that I needed. I get into more detail in my second book titled Overexposed.

6. Tell us what way in your regular life you really are like the hero in an epic love story.

In my world, I am the hero. On the inside I am creative and always anxious to do the next big thing in the modeling world. I am a hero and celebrate with the rest of my fans inside my head. I do this because my friends and family are not into me modeling, they never have been. So it is very gratifying when someone comes along and is thrilled with something I did from modeling and yes , I do feel like their hero at that moment.

7. Tell us about your current offer of allowing writers to use your photos as cover art for novels for free until the end of May. That sounds like an amazing opportunity for new writers!

Ok yes, I actually have a site that the photos can be downloaded and used at - Between now and the end of May 2011 , graphic artist, comic artists, publishers & illustrators can use my photos for their covers. All I ask in return is that I and the photographers are credited and that I receive a link to the work. After May, my promotion will end and the details on cost are on the link above. My photos are good for any book cover except homosexual,bondage,or menage themes. I encourage artists to use my photos as they please.

Thanks Jason! Happy Monday everyone!

All photos used with permission copyright 2011 Jason Baca


  1. That's a great offer for the photos. I'll pass this on to my writing buddies.

  2. Thanks Tara - it is a great deal - spread the word!

  3. This is a very generous offer -- wish I could figure out a way to use him on my cookbooks! I knew a fellow who worked as a model during high school and was able to pay for all his college education. Having your feet on the ground is the most important thing, and Jason Baca has it together.

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  4. Thanks Sharlene - c'mon, who wouldn't buy a cookbook with him on the cover! haha

  5. While he is certainly delicious to look at, the saying isn't to trust a skinny chef; so I don't know if he would be great cover material for a cook book! :) Though, thanks for the nice insight of someone that I'm sure I've seen on a book cover before and never noticed.



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