X is for X-ray Vision

I recently had a long discussion with my 8 and 6 year old at Perkins. We each had to choose 3 superpowers and then decide how we would use them for good/evil.

1. Be able to fly (Dane Cook does a nice job explaining how EVERYONE wants that one) - thanks to A for reminding me of that bit.
2. Invisibility
3. Super strength (and the body to match)

My six year old daughter:
1. To have a magic unicorn that flies and can take her over the end of the rainbow so she can get gold to give it to the poor (awww)
2. The ability to be like a chameleon and hide in her surroundings so no one can see her.
3. She wants Wonder Woman's rope of truth (good one!)

My eight year old son:
1. To be a shapeshifter and be able to turn into any animal at will.
2. The ability to move through inanimate objects (walk through walls)
3. To have sticky hands so he can climb anything.

My mom wants super speed and the ability to heal and another friend wanted to be able to tele-transport themselves.

What super power would you want??


  1. Yeah, I want all these powers and the ability to read minds, LOL! ;)

  2. Good post. I recently discussed this with hubby. We came up with ability to fly, to be invisible and to make people feel happy! :O)

  3. Ahh - to have more superpowers than we already have! Thanks Laura and Madeleine!

  4. The ability to teleport, so I could visit my mom as many times I wanted and not have to worry about money! It would make traveling a lot easier; kind of like that movie, Jumper, but with out the bad guys.


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