Y ask Why?

I'm really wishing I was at the beach right now. I miss the beach every day. Why?

Because here in reality, I sometimes over analyze my life and other people's lives. As a writer, I can't help but constantly try to figure out what makes people tick.

But once in a while, I need to quit asking why and just allow life to continue down its winding road. I need to take a step back, not question or intervene, and just let life play out.

What about you? Do you love trying to figure out what makes people tick? Then are you a back seat observer or do you throw yourself into the fray?


  1. I'm constantly thinking and analyzing. It's almost a bad habit of mine. Everyone always tells me to relax, but I don't even think I would know the meaning if I thought about it and analyzed that! The beach definitely helps, but then I'm always thinking what's next? Maybe it's a woman thing...

  2. Oh Ava - it's okay. Thinking and analyzing means you are a deep person. Can you channel your creative energy? What's next is not the answer - living in the moment (hard to do) - is part of it! Close your eyes and meet me on the beach...thanks for the comment and have a great weekend.


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