A Work in Progress

I guess it is safe to say I am a work in progress. Aren't we all? My books that are a WIP can always be made better, tightened, the story strengthened, the characters deepened.

My life is constantly in flux (as is the way of the universe) - kids, cleaning, be the absolute best wife, job stress, and ORGANIZATION. I once knew a woman where I babysat her kids as a favor. She had all the kids snacks pre-cut and marked. She had timelines and organization schedules for everything. Her basement was IMMACULATE - everything filed perfectly, all things tiny and in their designated containers. She was a ball of stress and now I knew why. How do you maintain that...how do you say...I am done?

My Austrian grandmother used to say, "My house will be clean when I'm dead." I laugh at that now and am blogging and drinking coffee right now instead of emptying the dishwater. Life's chores can sometimes wait, but life won't. Stan Lee was recently talking about how to write great kids books. He talked about never losing your inner child.

So although most days, I can say "I need to do better," I think we all need to go outside and play and laugh and enjoy this beautiful life we've all been given first.



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