Make me Swoon with Words

I was reading an article in RWR magazine by Betsy Prioleau about how men use different forms of language to make women swoon...

She talks men wooing with words. Men can be:

1. Sweet talkers
2. Comedians
3. Smart talkers
4. Lyric talkers

I was thinking about my current WIP, and how because he is a Shakespearean actor, he can be a lyric talker, speaking to his heroine in perfected Shakespearean prose.

What kind of pick up line would makes you swoon?

The sweet talker? "Do you believe in love at first sight? Or should I walk by again?"

or The Comedian? "Hey gorgeous, are you a tamale? Because you are hot!"

or The Smart Talker? "Are you the square root of 2? Because I feel irrational around you!"

or the Lyric Talker? "I do beseech you - chiefly that I may set it in my prayers - what is your name?”- The Tempest