We're Baaacck!!

So people, here is the deal on Romance Flash... As you may know, we were going to partner with Splickety Magazine and do a venture called Splickety Love for print.

As it turns out, we have decided against going that route and Rachel Green and I are going to keep Romance Flash and jazz it up ourselves.

Here is what is happening:

1. First off, PLEASE check out this month's story called "Soulmates" written by yours truly :) Leave me a comment and/or rate the story - it will give you quite an insight into my love story with my composer husband.

2. We are REOPENING for submissions on November 1st - we have been closed for way too long!

3. Rachel and I are going to switch it up from free monthly flash to self-publishing 4 stories quarterly (still essentially one/month) and selling the stories on Amazon for 99cents for each issue. We will be happy to get our readership started with our loyal fan base - YOU!

4. Please consider grabbing our button (third down on the right) and we will HAPPILY link back to you as well. Romance Flash is here to promote romance authors, so if you have a book coming out or are already published, we'd be happy to publish flash fiction and help promote YOU - that was our original goal all along!

THANKS TO EVERYONE FOR THEIR CONTINUED SUPPORT!!! Romance Flash has had over 77,000 visitors since we first went online in July 2010 - WOW - We have been privileged to work with talented authors at each and every turn and are so happy to continue with www.romanceflash.com

Kat and Rachel - Editors of Romance Flash


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