Snarkology Halloween Blog Hop Day TWO!

Welcome to Day 2 of the Snarkology Paranormal Blog Hop! You are in the right place!

Great blogs! Awesome prizes!

Favorite Halloween Movies you CAN'T watch -

I've been taping tons of movies to watch with my husband and/or the kids. But some movies are just TOO much. My prime example is Cujo - I just can't watch that or come to think of it add Pet Cemetery to the list. I have a crazy love for animals and can't watch them go bad, grow old, get injured, be abused...nothing!

So OUT is:
Cujo and Pet Cemetary

Leave me a comment and tell me what crosses the line for you? What makes your skin crawl or makes you get up and leave the room?

I should probably post my top five FAV movies that I love to watch every year too:
1. Halloween - the original!
2. Scream - all the cameos - awesome!
3. ANY Night of the Living Dead - zombies have made a comeback - hurrah!
4. Goosebumps - I'll watch ANY of them with my kiddies and lots of popcorn :)
5.  Signs - this movie spooked me out the first time I watched it and I still love it!

My husband said to add the Hellraiser series on his behalf :) 

Happy hopping!

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