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Three generations of women…and the secret that strengthens their love.

A line of women, all named Amanda, stretches back for generations. Each with her hopes, her joys, her pain—each pouring out her heart in correspondence with a dear family friend who shares their lives, understands their loves, and joins in their sorrows.

But within the correspondence lies a secret. And as the youngest of the Amandas retraces the journey through the years—beginning in post-war America and following through to modern day—the letters reveal, layer by layer, the Amandas who came before her. Soon, the truths and lies hidden in the letters lead her down a path of self-discovery that forges a bond between her past and future.


Thank you so much for having me today, Kat, in celebration of my short novella, Amanda in the Summer, releasing world wide – TODAY! I’ve enjoyed a three-month stint exclusively on Amazon, but today my baby is introduced to the world. Let’s spice up the celebration with a giveaway. I’ll send a $10 gift certificate to The Wild Rose Press bookstore to some lucky commenter. Now, fire away with your questions… 

1. How would your mother describe you in one word? Independent. I should elaborate. I’m first born, followed by a sister and a brother. Mom has probably seen more of them than she has me over the years, not because we aren’t close but I tend to do my own thing. I don’t require much maintenance. LOL

2. What is your favorite flower? White daisies. I always said I’d marry the first man who knew enough about me to give me a bunch of daisies. One week before my wedding, my fiancé had daisies delivered. Whew! Just in the nick of time.

3. Where would you like to live? I’d like to live in a green valley with an ocean view on one side and mountains on the other where the temp never goes over eighty degrees or lower than thirty-two. It would get two months of snow a year, occasional rainfall and plenty of sun. I’m still looking for this place.

4. What is the first quote that comes to your mind? You can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes well you might find you get what you need.

5. What do you miss about your childhood? No schedule, self imposed or otherwise.

6. What is the main fault in your character? I’m a control freak. I take a lot of heat because of that – and sorrow. Really. I don’t even know I’m doing it until I hear the tone in my hubby’s voice or the look on my son’s face. Jeez.

7. Who is your favorite historical figure? Joan of Arc. When I learned about her in grade school, I suddenly couldn’t get enough of her story. I continued reading about her long after the history lesson. She was truly one of those bigger than life characters in a time period that I considered so romantic. As an adult, I feel a bit differently. I wouldn’t have wanted to live in those times and her story saddens me. But she’s still my favorite.l

8.  Finish this sentence: “Happiness is a thing called…” freedom. This is an all-encompassing word, isn’t it? Freedom to travel, to love, to laugh, to be yourself. And the list goes on.

Thanks so much for the interview Brenda and congrats on the release! Please leave a comment on your favorite interview question for a chance to win the gift card!

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Brenda spends most of her time writing stories of discovery and love. The rest of her time is spent tending vegetables on the small family farm she shares with her husband, son, daughter-in-law and granddaughter. Together, they’ve embraced an age-old lifestyle that has been mostly lost in the United States - multiple generations living under one roof, who share the workload, follow their individual dreams and reap the benefits of combined talents.

Although she didn’t start out to write romance, she’s found all good stories involve complicated human relationships. She’s also found no matter a person’s age, a new discovery is right around every corner. Whether humorous or serious, straight contemporary or mystery, all her books revolve around those two facts.

Visit Brenda at www.brendawhiteside.com.
She blogs on the 9th and 24th of every month at http://rosesofprose.blogspot.com
She blogs about writing and prairie life at http://brendawhiteside.blogspot.com/


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