Pharmacy Post - HELP! I have new insurance!!

Hello all! Welcome to 2014 and the joyous day that pharmacies love...


Here are some tips for a peaceful transition:

1. If you got a new insurance card in the mail, bring it to the pharmacy! No one likes to get to the pick up window and have the cashier ring up hundreds of dollars of medications for cash - ack!

2. Just because your insurance hasn't changed, that doesn't mean your new card is the same as the old. THROW away your old card and REPLACE it with the new one! You may have a new group number or identification number and that will render your old card useless :)

3. What if you don't have your card yet and need DRUGS!?

You have a couple of options: You could try calling your new insurance and asking for these things: The BIN, the PCN, the GROUP NUMBER, your ID NUMBER, and your PERSON CODE.

Sound confusing?! Think about us! Haha :)

You can have the pharmacist give you a smaller quantity of medication to get your through until you get your new card. When you get your new card, we usually can rebill the insurance and give you a credit if one is due.



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