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Fun Facts about New Jersey by Savannah Young  

WILDE RIDERS and THE WILDE ONE take place in fictional OLD TOWN, which is very similar to the small, rural town in northwest New Jersey in which I grew up.  I think a lot of people have preconceptions about New Jersey, many of which are based on television shows like Jersey Shore or The Sopranos.

I thought it would be fun to provide 10 Fun Facts about New Jersey.

1) A lot of the action in WILDE RIDERS takes place in Haymakers, the bar that the Wilde brothers inherited from their parents. Did you know that the legal age to serve or sell alcohol in New Jersey is 18 years old?

2) Cooper takes Riley to Sunrise Mountain to see the breathtaking views. Did you know that the tourist site, which is 1,653 feet above sea level, is one of the most frequently visited sites in Stokes State Forest?

3) Even though New Jersey is one of the smallest states in the country, it is the most densely populated.

4) The first Miss America Pageant was held in 1921 in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

5) In 1937, the zeppelin airship Hindenburg crashed in flames over Lakehurst, New Jersey.

6) New Jersey is home to more scientists and engineers per square mile than anywhere else in the world

7) Thomas Edison's Black Maria, located in West Orange, New Jersey, was America’s first motion picture studio.

8) The game of Monopoly got its street names from Atlantic City, New Jersey.

9) New Jersey has the most shopping malls in one with seven major malls in a 25 square mile radius.

10) WILDE RIDERS features a local country band. Other musicians from New Jersey include: Bruce Springsteen, Jon Bon Jovi, Whitney Houston, Lauryn Hill, Queen Latifah, The Jonas Brothers and Frank Sinatra


That's too fun and very interesting Savannah! Now you must tell us more about your books...


WILDE RIDERS is the first novel in a spicy new contemporary romance series about four sexy brothers, their small-town bar and their local country band. WILDE RIDERS can be read as a STAND ALONE NOVEL or as part of the SERIES.

Cooper Wilde spent his entire adolescence counting the days until he could escape rural northwest New Jersey. Now at 26, he can't believe he's coming back. But his late father's bar, Haymakers, is in financial trouble and his older brother, Jake, has asked for Cooper's help.

Riley Smith, 25, is fresh out of her Ivy League MBA program and wants to make an impression on her employer, H & C Bank. Her first solo assignment is a fraud investigation on a business loan they made to Haymakers.

Even though Old Town is less than 90 minutes from New York City, Riley feels like she's stepped into another world in this remote, one-bar town. Riley can't wait to do her business and get back to the city as quickly as her sports car will take her...until she meets Cooper Wilde. He's not like the other guys in this rural town and Riley feels inexplicably attracted to him.

If you like your trucks loud, your beer cold and your men'll love WILDE RIDERS.


THE WILDE ONE is the second novel in the spicy contemporary romance series about four sexy brothers, their small-town bar and their local country band. Each novel in the OLD TOWN COUNTRY ROMANCE series can be read as a STAND ALONE NOVEL or as part of the SERIES.


Tucker Wilde joined the United States Army right out of high school and was injured in Iraq. But more than just his leg was shattered in the Middle East. The war also crushed his spirit and damaged his soul. When a strange couple arrives at his family’s bar, Haymakers, Tucker can see signs of mental and emotional abuse and is immediately drawn to the lovely but fragile girl seated at his bar.

Gracie Parker has been a victim of abuse her entire life. When her boyfriend, Dex, beats her in the parking lot of Haymakers and abandons her, it’s almost too much for the nineteen-year-old to bear. That is until Tucker appears like a warrior knight from the darkness to save her.

Tucker and Gracie are two broken people who are immediately drawn together. But their relationship and even their very lives are threatened by Dex who will stop at nothing to get Gracie back.

If you like your trucks loud, your beer cold and your men'll love THE WILDE ONE.


Best of luck Savannah and thanks so much for visiting Quill or Pill! To all the mothers out there - a blessed and happy Mother's Day to one and all this Sunday!

Love ya MOM!


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