Easiest Chocolate Mint Cookies Ever
(Otherwise known as “Akers No Bakers”)

If you’re like me, you want to make Christmas cookies but don’t have time to go the whole nine yards and spend twelve hours baking , frosting, decorating, and nibbling on cookies. (Not to mention all the calories added to my waist from the nibbling part.) These cookies take less than 20 minutes from start to finish but taste divine.
What you’ll need:

*1 tsp. Mint Extract

*1 package sandwich cookies
*Decoration, if desired.
*1 package Chocolate

(I use Log House “Make your own Almond Bark” because it doesn’t contain nuts and my son has a peanut allergy. You can also use chocolate chips or brick chocolate.)


Double Boiler (or microwave safe bowl)
Wax Paper
Measuring spoon (not pictured)
Rubber Spatula (not pictured)

1.    Melt Chocolate in Double Boiler stirring occasionally.

(During this down time while waiting for the chocolate to melt, you can either start working on another type of cookie or, if you’re like me, read a chapter or two from whatever book you are currently reading.)

Can also be done in microwave –heat for one minute, then stir well. Heat again at 15 second intervals, stirring in between each one until chocolate is melted.

2.    When chocolate is completely melted, add mint extract and stir

3.    Roll out wax paper to lay cookies on.

(I recommend putting a towel under the wax paper so the cookies don’t leave little annoying rings on your table, which are hard to get off.)

4.    Place the chocolate next to the wax paper, along with your sandwich cookies.
(Make sure when you buy your cookies that your three year old doesn’t sit on them in the cart. Broken cookies do not work. )

5.    Toss the cookies one by one into the chocolate. This is a great thing for small children to do. They love to throw the cookies in. 

6.    Using the tongs, make sure the cookie is covered in chocolate. Shake off excess chocolate and place on the wax paper.

7.    Be sure to decorate the cookies right away. (Could also be a good job for a child.) If the chocolate dries, the decoration will not stick. Undecorated cookies taste just as good, though and are easier to stack in a cookie tin.

You’re done. That’s it. They look beautiful and taste even better.
Enjoy and Happy Holidays from Rachel Green.

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