All thanks to WILD ROSE PRESS!!!

So I really have the coolest publishers ever. I love both The Wild Rose Press for my adult books and Ravenswood for my middle grade books. As a now multi-published author (that sounds cool to say!) - I have made a lot of great friends online. The support is amazing!

But once in a while, something magic happens. I met Ashantay Peters in the chat rooms that Wild Rose Press has and she responded to me on 9/11/13 that she would be happy to read my first novel so I had a REAL author reviewing it.

Bang - I had this connection with her. Were we hippies together in another life? Who knows!

Over the years, we've read and reviewed each others work and then she said, "Hey, I'm coming to Wisconsin to see my Mom. Want to meet up and have lunch?"

And it worked out! I was on a road trip in our RV we've nicknamed Velma (a.k.a. the Scooby-Doo mobile) with our kids on our way to our cabin in the UP of Michigan. Isn't Velma cute? We paid $4000 for her (a 1987 Dodge) and she had 36,000 miles on her - what a deal!

Anyway, our route to the UP led right past where Ashantay was going to be in northern Wisconsin. We met at a local diner and what fun! We shared old Milwaukee stories (we both grew up there) and she got to meet three of my four kids.

So a HUGE shout out to Wild Rose Press - without whom, this never would have happened!

Today I'm reviewing Ashantay's book PIPE DREAMS:

Sensual, Supernatural, and Sensational!

Another winner from the talented Ashantay Peters - wow, as another reviewer said, her books are like spending time with good friends. This is a book where you are sucked so deep into the characters world, that you are actually walking next to them throughout the story. I love the author's language and tactile impressions of the world she's created. The coffee shop, the home that the protagonist is working on, and the next door neighbor's store become instantly familiar. The bond and depth of emotion between the love interests makes you fight for them at every turn. I love the paranormal and metaphysical aspects of this book. There is a beautiful correlation between the renovation and ghostly cleansing of an old house and parallels to the main characters working on clearing out their old ghosts and renovating their own life. A wonderful read and yes, I cried at the end - so good!

Here is the blurb:

Abigail Stephens left her past behind or did she? When she moved to Blue Peak, she expected to find sanctuary and a new start. Instead, her new home includes a hippie, a ghost with a mission, and a sexy coffee house owner who undermines her plans.

Carlos Young quit teaching when his fiancĂ©e left him for another professor. He’s avoided dating, but his mother’s demand for grandchildren is unceasing and more attractive once he meets Abby.

She resists his overtures...for now. Can an intrusive mother, a reticent ghost, and a run-down house bring Abby and Carlos together or will they continue to live pipe dreams?

Go grab a copy today!

You can click on the pic of the book above or follow this link:


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