The #science of #fear on the SNARKOLOGY HALLOWEEN HOP!


We all have it, don't we?

Whether it's a fear of spiders...


or snakes...


Can anyone say, " go first!"

 Okay, Indiana Jones moment aside (and YES, that is why I fear snakes!), you gotta ask...why do we have fear at all?

Is it Nature?

Or is it Nurture?

Maybe a bit of both...

I had two dogs. No fear of thunderstorms. But then I took in an older dog who was terrified of storms. Would pant on my face and shake on the bed the whole time. Guess what? She TAUGHT our other two dogs to do the same thing! It was a LEARNED fear. PS - anyone with a dog who is scared of storms, you have my sympathy!


What if we were killed by falling off a cliff in a past life? Would we be born with an innate fear of heights?

Past lives, you say!!?!?!?! I don't believe in past lives! Okay, well, how about science? Our DNA carries memories of our ancestors. What if our great-great-great-great grandfather was killed in a sword fight? Would we have a fear of knives?


Here is a link to a great article on the SCIENCE OF FEAR:

To sum it up: we are BORN with an innate fear of falling and loud sounds. EVERYTHING else is learned...

Tell me in the comments what you are MOST scared of for a chance to win a FREE SIGNED COPY of FIRST CONTACT OR THE SEER'S LOVER in paperback or ebook!

I'm mostly scared of what I think is out there that I can't see. I suppose that is why I write about angels, demons, and ghosts...


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