Reivew of The Uncommitted by Margaret M Goss

I had the honor of meeting Margaret at MADTOWN AUTHOR DAZE in Madison this Spring and was so happy to snag a copy of her novel. This is not one to be missed!

Josephine Reilly is a typical young mother, striving to do what is best for her family in the suburbs of St. Paul, Minnesota. Declan, her ambitious and talented husband, has a thriving career as a corporate lawyer. On the surface, life could not appear more perfect.

Yet, Josie has an unrealized gift, one that has haunted her since the drowning death of a childhood friend. Josie is a messenger, as was her mother and grandmother before her, carrying messages from the dead to the living through dreams, visions and telepathy. For years, Josie suppresses her gift but when mother dies, she is unable to ignore it any longer.

Upon exploring her ability, she finds she’s underestimated the dangers in channeling the dead when those she loves become targets of an invisible evil. Her sanity comes into question and she’s at risk of losing everything she holds dear. Then fate places Dr. Andrew Chase in Josie’s path, a healer of supernatural capabilities. Only he hasn’t come to prevent her fall . . .

The Uncommitted is a compelling tale of the spiritual struggle within us and of the realities beyond our physical sight.


 This was a great debut novel from Ms. Goss. The story follows Josie Reilly who is in a slump in her marriage and her life. After a family tragedy, she takes a huge chance that goes against her husband's wishes and pursues a path of following her "abilities" to talk with the dead.

With surprises along with way, we follow Josie's positive and negative encounters with undead and learn about the person she is, was, and may become.

Goss is engrossing and her words are like liquid images that unfold in strange and unusual ways. I look forward to the next book in this series!

 Margaret M. Goss was born in Oswego, New York, to first-generation Italian-American parents, studied nursing at Arizona State University and public policy and administration at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Her mother, an art teacher and painter, and her father, an English teacher, musician and writer, passed on their love of reading, art and music to her at a early age. However, it wasn't until after her children were born that she was able to indulge her creative passion, writing.

Margaret has always been fascinated by the biographies of Catholic saints and mystics as well as mysteries of all things unseen. The Uncommitted explores these mystical Christian traditions and ideals--Heaven and Hell, the resurrection, apparitions, saints, angels, bilocation, exorcism, the presence of lost souls, spiritual warfare, the concept of forgiveness--and places them in the context of a modern family.

Other interests Margaret has is youth hockey (as all of her children play) and food allergy. Her Facebook blog, Wisconsin Hockey Moms, has followers from all over the U.S. and Canada. She currently lives with her husband and three children in Madison, Wisconsin.

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Here is Meg and fellow author Nick Chiarkas at Madtown Author Daze

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