Thankful for authors!

As an author myself, I find myself thankful for other authors who are doing the same thing. If it weren't for my own love of books, I may never have sat down to write my first word.

In that vein, I'd love to introduce you to 
a newly contracted author at The Wild Rose Press! 
She read Rachel Green and my paranormal suspense series, Haunts for Sale and contacted us as she was going through the process to sell her first book. Read her scary story here and CONGRATULATION on your first sale...
welcome to the family!

The Breathing Door

On a sunny Southern California day in the summer of 1973, my friends and I decided to conduct a séance.  Being all of thirteen years old, we thought we knew everything about the paranormal.  We’d formed a Mystery Club a few months earlier, which had yet to solve any mysteries.  Most of our focus centered on séances.  Nothing much had happened when we held them, but all of that was about to change.

We rushed into my friend’s house and her father told us we couldn’t occupy her bedroom, because they were preparing to paint the walls.  So, we settled on sitting on her bathroom floor.  Since it was a small room, all five of us were crammed against each other seated cross legged.  Usually, we turned off all lights, and pulled curtains over the windows, but this time we dwelled in sunlight.

The leader of our group led us off by making a bold statement.  “If anything is here, make a terrible noise!” 

Personally, I didn’t expect anything to happen, but within thirty seconds we heard a cracking sound.  Then, we noticed the door moving.  Upon closer inspection, we actually saw the bathroom door breathing.  The wood came out about six inches and went back down, only to rise again.  Just like a person breathing. 

The girl who’s back was to the door climbed over me and jumped into the bathtub.  My back was against the bathtub, and I was the farthest away from the door; yet I sat frozen.  I didn’t know what to do, and I remained silent in my inertia, while the other girls screamed.  Every one of us saw the exact same thing, and after about twenty seconds (it seemed like an hour) our leader stood up and screamed, “Stop it!”

Luckily, the door stopped all movement.  We still sat in shock, but then someone had the bravery to open the door, and we all rushed out and down the stairs.  Continuing out the front door to the street, my friend’s mother shouted after us, “What is wrong with you silly girls!”

Returning after a while, we checked out the bathroom door, and it was solid wood again.  Nothing out of place.

Was it a poltergeist?  With five thirteen year old girls in one spot, all focused on the same thing at the same time, it’s a possibility.  Or, was it something much more sinister that we accidentally tapped into? 

We will never truly know.  But, that summer was one I’d never forget!


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