Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Madtown Author Daze - Meet Rose Lange #MAD17

What a gem! SunMoon Arts is so happy to have Rose Lange in the mix for our event. Every interaction we've had with her makes us love her even more! Our event blogger alludes to a "hay loft scene" in her latest novel...hmmmm, sounds interesting.

Rose will be on hand with DOZENS of other authors on State Street in a few weeks. Stop at the first Farmer's Market of the year and then stop in our FREE event inside the lobby of MMoCA at 227 State Street.

See you there!

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Sunday, March 5, 2017

Madtown Author Daze - meet Charles Monroe-Kane #MAD17

Buckle up people and get ready for him...the one...the only...:

When my official event blogger told me she was "permanently scarred" from reading this book, I knew I'd be in line to buy one myself. As a pharmacist, I see people every day who struggle with the many forms of mental illness. Not everyone's lives are pretty. Not everyone's backstories make you feel warm and mushy inside. That's the point of reading. Sometimes, you should get out of your comfort zone and feel...

Truth is stranger than fiction...right? Well according to the reviews...Lithium Jesus by Charles Monroe-Kane will take you out of your comfort zone.

I'm in.


Here is a link to Jenn's Review:

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Madtown Author Daze--meet Sara Ackermann

Author of The Westby Sisters Series, 
don't miss meeting Sara on April 15th in Madison. 

"Three sisters tell a lie and are forever cursed causing life-altering consequences as they grow and mature into young women in this Regency England romance series."

Friday, February 17, 2017

Madtown Author Daze--meet Kelly Moran #MAD17

Kelly Moran: best-selling & award-winning romance author of enchanting ever-afters...
"Moran breathes life into an appealing story."
~Publishers Weekly
Kelly MoranEnchanting ever-afters...

Friday, February 10, 2017

Madtown Author Daze - Meet Laura Hawks #MAD17



Laura Hawks - Paranormal Author; Contemporary Suspense/Thriller Author and Non-Fiction Author

Ghost & the Grimoire:  PRG 5-Star Author:  

"The author's descriptions of both the Civil War and Hell gave me goosebumps I could almost believe she had somehow been to both at one time, that is how real it was. As I said before this is a ghost, Civil War and Hell book lovers dream come true."


"Author Laura Hawks has made her mark by taking a well-worn story arc and making it her own."

Shifter's Hope:  

Demon's Trilogy:

 "I am not sure I can put into words the emotions this book made me feel! I know I couldn't put it down. Thank you for an amazing read. This is a must read !!! Can't wait to release the next book!!!"

Friday, February 3, 2017

Madtown Author Daze ---Meet Mary Gover Gray #MAD17

Meet the delightful Mary Gover Gray - one of the featured authors at this Spring's 
Madtown Author Daze. 
She writes children's books based on her award-winning dog--Dixie!

An award winning dog becomes the center of attention in two children's stories. Author Mary Gover Gray pays tribute to the memories of her standard poodle in Dixie Doodle the Helper Poodle and Dixie Doodle the Happy Poodle. Dog shows and therapy dog activities brought this pair into the community. Read about Dixie's adventures and enjoy her peppy personality in these children's picture books. ages 4-8 yrs

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Revew of SAY YES by Katie O'Sullivan

My wonderful publisher, THE WILD ROSE PRESS has a great set of romances on sale just in time for Valentine's Sale! I'm reviewing Katie O'Sullivan's SAY YES and I'm telling you now...go grab a copy of this one right now!

Click the image to go to Amazon!

 Darby Malone has trouble saying no. Hosting a children’s Valentine party at her recently renovated gallery is the last straw, and the last time she intends to say yes to anything. That is, until she meets Ben, a well-known Cape Cod artist with eyes as deep and blue as the ocean. He stirs feelings in her that have been dormant for too long. Can she afford to say yes to him?

Ben Phillips needs this gallery show. His life has been empty since his wife died four years ago, his paintings the only thing giving him solace. But his style has changed, his art completely different than the breezy shore paintings he staked his reputation on. Can he convince Darby to give him a chance – and to consider him for more than just a place on her gallery walls? Will she give him a place in her heart as well?


Ms. O'Sullivan never fails to satisfy with a wonderful love story. Every time I read her books I'm amazed by the worlds she creates, the characters that jump off the page, and a story that draws me in and never lets go. This CANDY HEARTS romance is one of my favorites. Short and sweet with enough push and pull to have you want to go grab a paint brush and paint your love story. I love the setting of Cape Cod and the whole "I-shouldn't-fall-in-love-with-another-artist" dilemma that Darby faces.  A sexy hero whose haunting past only Darby can put to rest. Loved this book!

5 Stars!